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Collecting sports cards has grown in popularity as both a hobby and a business, with many people interested in breaking into the space. Those who are looking to learn more about collecting and selling sports cards typically turn to experts who have the experience and expertise required to help others grow their understanding.

Kevin Burge is a sports card collector who has built a successful business buying and selling sports cards to other enthusiasts. Kevin established Kevin Burge Sports Cards as a forum for sharing industry news, insights, and more with members of the sports cards community. Kevin notes that, despite the growing popularity of sports cards, many are unaware of some of the specifics of the space and how they can find their niche within it. Through high-level insights that address several topics within his area of expertise, Kevin hopes to utilize Kevin Burge Sports Cards as a resource to contribute to key conversations within the realm of collecting, buying, trading, and selling cards.

About Kevin Burge Sports Cards

Kevin Burge’s interest in sports cards and memorabilia began when he was a kid, with him making his first foray into the space at eight years old. Kevin got his start frequenting Cooks Flea Market to start buying and trading sports cards. After years of collecting, Kevin would later open up his own stalls at the market to sell cards. During this time, Kevin honed his skills in business development within the sports card business. He maintains that this experience was integral to his decision to expand his operations and learn as much as he could about sports cards both as a hobby and a stream of income.

Kevin’s first official job in the industry was at Field of Dreams where he would help set up the boxes that held sports cards and memorabilia. Kevin speaks to how his first gig was far from flashy but taught him a variety of new things about the industry such as how to display collector’s items efficiently and securely. He continued to work at Field of Dreams as well as operate his flea market stalls until he turned 18 and made the decision to make the next steps necessary to begin developing a business on his own terms.

Kevin Burge was introduced to the National sports Collectors Convention after his experiences with his first jobs in the sports card industry. The organization holds a card show and sports memorabilia exhibition annually, with each year taking place in a different US city. Kevin notably has attended each convention since the first in Anaheim, California in 1999. At these conventions, Kevin Burge sets up booths to buy and sell sports cards with attendees. He recognizes that these events are an excellent opportunity to meet and connect with others in the sports card community to share insights and ideas. Kevin recognizes that his experience buying, trading, and selling sports cards at a myriad of gatherings has contributed greatly to his industry knowledge, as there is no better way to learn about the space than to become integrated into the processes.

Kevin eventually expanded his business to include consulting services, and he uses his expertise on valuation, rarity, and pricing to help others make strong decisions with their purchases, sales, and trades. Kevin Burge maintains that his favorite aspect of the consulting business is being able to share his knowledge with individuals who are still learning the ropes, empowering them to make money along the way.

Those who have worked with Kevin Burge speak to the immense knowledge he has of multiple facets of the sports card industry. Individuals who have conducted business with Kevin recognize that his willingness to teach and contribute to conversations within his area of expertise shows his dedication to the space. To Kevin Burge, sports cards are much more than a hobby or source of income —they are a passion.

What to Expect from Kevin Burge Sports Cards

Kevin Burge Sports Cards

Kevin Burge Sports Cards is your resource for learning more about the ins and outs of the sports card industry. Below are a few things that you can expect through updates provided by Kevin.

News and Recent Developments

Kevin speaks to how recent developments and news can have a profound impact on the sports cards space. By examining some of the factors affecting pricing, popularity, etc., Kevin aims to keep the sports cards community up to date with changes as well as what they can do to adapt to them.

Professional Insights

One of Kevin’s favorite aspects of staying in touch with the sports cards community is having the ability to share his professional insights. Whether you are interested in learning about sprots cards for personal or professional reasons, Kevin’s high-level insights will provide a clear picture of nearly every aspect of collecting, buying, selling, and trading.

Special Events Within the Community

As a professional collector, Kevin Burge notes the importance of keeping up with industry events that provide the opportunity to buy, sell, trade, and share insights with other members of the community. Through Kevin Burge Sports Cards, Kevin will include updates on upcoming events as well as looks into some of the most exciting events in recent memory.

More from Kevin Burge Sports Cards

Kevin Burge acknowledges that there are many people who would like to learn more about sports cards and memorabilia and that the space can seem daunting to individuals taking their first steps to learn more. To this point, Kevin Burge aims to increase accessibility within the sports card industry by providing insights that will educate others its complexities. Future posts from Kevin Burge Sports Cards will address topics such as common ways to spot fraudulent collector’s items, recent developments impacting the world of sports cards, ways to break into the industry, and more.

Are you interested in learning more about sports cards from an industry expert such as Kevin Burge? Check Kevin Burge Sports Cards frequently for more insights, updates, and resources provided by Kevin.